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Robotic Putwall

Automated sortation for batch-picking and returns processing operations

Covariant’s AI-powered Robotic Putwall autonomously sorts items from mixed-SKU totes, closing labor gaps while increasing throughput.

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Top 10 3PL
Top 10 3PL

To automate sortation in their batch-picking operations and improve facility throughput, Radial deployed our Robotic Putwall. With 12 robots now operating successfully at scale, Radial and Covariant are expanding their relationship by automating additional use cases.

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DTC health & beauty 3PL
DTC health & beauty 3PL

Capacity, an innovative health & beauty 3PL, deployed our Robotic Putwall for sorting batch-picked orders. Seeing performance of over 500 PPH and a 99.96% perfect order rate, they’ve expanded to five Covariant robotic stations with their New Jersey facility.

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Autonomous performance on Day One

Right out of the box, Covariant robots can handle virtually any SKU or item, regardless of shape, size, or packaging.

Seamlessly integrated

Each deployment is meticulously tailored to fit into your existing floorplan, systems, and upstream/downstream processes.

Powered by the Covariant Brain

With fleet learning, each robot learns from millions of picks performed by connected robots in warehouses around the world.

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