Würth Industrie Service, located in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, is an integrated logistics solutions provider serving Europe and beyond.

With far reach and a global network of customers, efficiency is a critical value at Würth. Tasked with doing more with less, Würth is always looking for ways to maximize productivity throughout its operations, keep the lines humming with minimal disruptions, and get correct orders to customers as quickly as possible.

Using innovation to continuously develop our logistics solutions is hugely important to us because it’s how we ensure our company will be successful in the future.
Helmut Eisenkolb, Head of Logistics, procurator, and member of the management team, Würth
Würth turns to KNAPP

Würth turned to KNAPP for world-class automation solutions

As a long-term partner of Würth, KNAPP deployed a number of solutions across several different aspects of their operations, including shipping robots for palletizing containers and cartons, Open Shuttles for logistics processing, and the Pick-it-Easy Robot for picking.

Pick-it-Easy Robots in Bad Mergentheim powered by the Covariant Brain
KNAPP partners with Covariant

KNAPP partnered with Covariant to increase accuracy and reliability

The Pick-it-Easy Robot is an industrial-grade, intelligent picking solution. To sharpen the Pick-it-Easy Robot’s ability to recognize objects in totes and calculate grip points, the Pick-it-Easy Robot employs the Covariant Brain, our universal AI platform. Robots can pick regardless of container, packaging or item type – or time of day. Plus, the robot learns something new with each pick. Its ability to determine the grip point develops continuously thanks to machine learning. Every grip improves the algorithm, making subsequent grips more robust and reliable, making it an excellent solution for Würth’s diverse item mix.

Source: Würth relies on intelligent automation in logistics

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