At Capacity, a forward-thinking third-party logistics firm with expertise in Health and Beauty products, AI-robotic putwalls from Covariant are key to delivering superior customer experiences. With the ability to act autonomously to pick virtually any of the diverse SKUs that come through Capacity’s operations, Covariant robotic putwalls help streamline operations. At the core of the technology is the Covariant Brain, our universal AI that enables robots to see, think, and act using deep learning. Trained on billions of data points from connected robots around the world, the Covariant Brain is what gives our robotic solutions the ability to pick virtually any type of item on Day One, regardless of size, shape, or packaging. The team on the floor at Capacity loves the robots too and considers them to be coworkers. They’ve even named one robot Waldo and another Maggie after Maggie Boden, the mother of A.I. The robots are truly part of the team.

Learn more about Capacity's partnership with Covariant here.

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