At Radial, a leading B2C eCommerce fulfillment solution provider, AI Robotic putwalls increase the efficiency and reliability of their operations during demand surges and beyond. The 12 Covariant Robotic Putwalls at their Trade Port 2 facility sort health & beauty items for a world-leading retailer. At full operation, each robot averages about one hundred thousand picks per month with a throughput of 425 puts per hour (PPH). These capabilities help Radial to reduce reliance on manual labor and to fill labor gaps. At the core of the technology is the Covariant Brain our universal AI that enables robots to see, think, and act using deep learning. Trained on billions of data points from connected robots around the world, the Covariant Brain is what gives our robotic solutions the ability to pick virtually any type of item on Day One, regardless of size, shape, or packaging.

Read more about Radial’s partnership with Covariant.

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