Peter Chen joins This Week in Startups Podcast with Jason Calcanis to discuss how the Covariant Brain, our universal AI Robotics platform, is transforming logistics and building a foundation of future growth for eCommerce leaders like Otto Group.

Get the full scoop:

  • 01:33 AI’s role in robotics and its value in e-commerce warehouses
  • 08:59 Reinforcement learning today and the AlphaGo moment
  • 13:50 The two key concepts of reinforcement learning
  • 17:35 Approaches to accessing data for AI in robotics
  • 20:35 Robotics hardware
  • 23:57 Covariant's hardware and software in use
  • 27:32 The importance of adaptability
  • 34:08 The Tesla Optimus and humanoid robots
  • 39:58 Overcoming hardware constraints
  • 44:38 Boomerang investors and customers