GXO is a leading global 3PL with 869 warehouse locations.

GXO deployed intelligent automation at its fashion ecommerce warehouse in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This pilot represented the first application of KNAPP’s Pick-it-Easy Robot technology for automated pocket induction for apparel logistics. With a successful implementation, GXO looks to expand its use of technology in Tilburg with additional robots.

Providing our customers with the latest innovations to boost their logistics and e-commerce operations is what we are all about.
Mauro Ungheretti, Managing Director Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, GXO Logistics
An innovative automation solution

GXO turned to KNAPP for an innovative automation solution

In collaboration with KNAPP, GXO’s Pick-it-Easy Robot station is tailored for one of its key global customers to not only pick fashion items, but also fill pockets of a sorter system automatically.

The robot transfers the items one by one to a chute from which they slide into the pocket. During this process, the item's barcode is read, with no loss in performance during its allocation to the pocket. Every item in the system can therefore be found and retrieved.

This automation solution is suited for handling returns, and performs well when it comes to loading pockets with super-fast-moving or discounted items. As a result, efficiency increases, and employees experience less strain, especially during peak periods such as Black Friday.

KNAPP partners with Covariant

KNAPP partnered with Covariant to increase accuracy

The Pick-it-Easy Robot uses the Covariant Brain, our universal AI platform, to ensure the robotic arm can pick virtually any item that comes its way.

The AI recognizes each product and identifies the optimal gripping point and gripping speed, while the arm places items into a pocket conveyor for sorting, grouping, and routing to packing stations. It addresses the unique logistics challenges presented by the apparel industry, given the vast range of product sizes, shapes, textures, weights, and packaging.

The deciding factor for having a future-proof warehouse is artificial intelligence. It stretches across all aspects of operation and has completely changed the way business is done,” says Peter Puchwein, Director of Innovation at KNAPP. “We share a close partnership with Covariant, whose innovative power and vision we cherish. Thanks to our joint efforts in offering state-of-the-art AI technology, we ensure that our customers are ahead of the game.”

Adds Peter Chen, CEO of Covariant: “Our AI platform, the Covariant Brain, gets smarter every day. We guarantee our customers always have access to the best AI-powered solutions for more reliable, flexible, and efficient operations.”

GXO now sees higher performance

GXO now sees higher performance

The combination of KNAPP’s industrial-grade robotics system with Covariant’s cutting-edge AI is at the core of the system’s consistently high performance for GXO.

"As a leader in logistics innovation, we’re constantly exploring automation that can transform distribution and order fulfillment processes," says Sandeep Sakharkar, Chief Information Officer, GXO. "The successful launch of the Tilburg pilot has allowed us to ensure that our customers get the greatest benefit and value from this technology.”

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