At Brødrene Dahl, a technical supplier located in Langhus, Norway, logistics is everything.

Says Ingar Bystrom, Director of Logistics and 25-year Brødrene Dahl veteran, “For me, logistics is the most important element of our business.” (Source)

The company operates by purchasing goods from around the world, storing them in their distribution center, and supplying them to the Norwegian market. That means they spend a lot of time, energy, capital, and effort moving items onto and off of their shelves, sorting and processing them along the way. In today’s selling climate, the company is frequently challenged to move goods more quickly between receipt of order and shipping.

In search of greater efficiency

In search of greater efficiency, Brødrene Dahl turned to KNAPP

With a strategic effort to invest in their distribution center while still meeting their sustainability goals, Brødrene Dahl turned to KNAPP, a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for intralogistics and manufacturing. With deployments around the world, KNAPP’s mission is to bring new and customized technology to warehouse logistics.

It learns extremely fast. It can pick items we previously thought were impossible to pick and places them at the optimal location in the box.
Thomas Rønningen, Brødrene Dahl Logistics Development Manager

KNAPP added automation solutions in several areas of the distribution center.

The KNAPP OSR Shuttle™ Evo system now delivers goods directly to picking stations, rather than wasting manual time and steps running around the distribution center retrieving items. Several manual picking stations were also automated with the KNAPP Pick-it-Easy robot, which receives items from the Evo system for processing.

KNAPP partners with Covariant

KNAPP partnered with Covariant to increase the accuracy of picks

The Pick-it-Easy robot automates the picking process by picking items out of a tote for sortation so they can be boxed, labeled, and shipped.

To increase the precision of picks, KNAPP deployed the Covariant Brain, our universal AI platform, to power its Pick-it-Easy robots. Trained on millions of picks from other Covariant-powered robots around the world, the Covariant Brain helps the Pick-it-Easy robot recognize objects in totes and calculate grip points, learning and improving as it goes. This increases the accuracy of picks even for items that have traditionally proven difficult for robots to pick, such as the valves, couplings, and screws that are commonplace in Brødrene Dahl customer orders.

Together with KNAPP Evo Shuttle and the Pick-it-Easy robot powered by the Covariant Brain, Brødrene Dahl picks more orders per day, making it competitive and ready for the markets of today and tomorrow.

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