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Robotic Depalletization

Automated depalletization of mixed-SKU pallets onto a conveyor

Covariant’s AI-powered Robotic Depalletization reduces the strain on workers, ensuring storage and pick zones are replenished on time and maximizing throughput.

Don't take it from us

To increase operational efficiency, a major home improvement retailer deployed multiple Covariant Robotic Depalletization systems for picking from multi-SKU pallets.

Autonomous performance on Day One

Right out of the box, Covariant robots can handle virtually any SKU or item, regardless of shape, size, or packaging.

Seamlessly integrated

Each deployment is meticulously tailored to fit into your existing floorplan, systems, and upstream/downstream processes.

Powered by the Covariant Brain

With fleet learning, each robot learns from millions of picks performed by connected robots in warehouses around the world.

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Covariant Robotic Depalletization

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