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February 23, 2022

The Robot Brains Podcast - Alex Kendall of Wayve on teaching cars to drive with machine learning

Pieter Abbeel
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

For Episode 8, Pieter Abbeel interviews Alex Kendall, the co-founder and CEO of Wayve, the London-based company pioneering AI technology to enable autonomous vehicles to drive in complex, never-seen-before environments. Alex is a world expert in deep learning and computer vision. Before founding Wayve, Alex was a research fellow at the University of Cambridge where he earned his Ph.D. in Computer Vision and Robotics. Wayve is building global momentum for the use of deep learning to solve self-driving. Alex and his team are building AV2.0—a next generation autonomous driving system that can quickly and safely adapt to new driving domains anywhere in the world. The interview spans a range of topics including Wayve's technological approach, its metrics for success, and Wayve's latest milestones.

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