Introducing RFM-1: Giving robots the human-like ability to reason Dive in
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RFM-1 update: Higher quality grasp accuracy
Scaling Law in Robotics At Covariant, we see that as we train RFM-1 on more data, our model's performance improves pre...
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RFM-1 update: High-fidelity scene prediction
Scaling Law has been vital to the rapid growth of LLMs over the last few years. Covariant is no stranger to Scaling La...
The Research
RFM-1 update: In-context learning to improve grasping
The release of RFM-1, the first commercial Robotics Foundation Model, set a new horizon for AI by giving robots the huma...
The Research
RFM-1: Allowing robots and people to communicate in natural language
By allowing people to instruct robots without needing to re-program, RFM-1 lowers the barriers of customizing AI behavio...
The Research
Introducing RFM-1: Giving robots human-like reasoning capabilities
Andrew Sohn, Anusha Nagabandi, Carlos Florensa, Daniel Adelberg, Di Wu, Hassan Farooq, Ignasi Clavera, Jeremy Welborn, J...
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RFM-1: A world model that understands physics 
In robotics, millimeters can be the difference between “completely unusable” and “superhuman.” The fine-grained predicti...
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The Future of Robotics: Robotics Foundation Models and the role of data
Foundation models have transformed artificial intelligence. The growth trajectory of robotics foundation models is accel...
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Founder's perspective: Robotics and the future of AI
TechCrunch and Peter Chen project AI robotics’ ‘GPT moment’ is (very) near. The following excerpt from TechCrunch's art...
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Engineering Focus: Scaling AI Robotics in the Cloud
Cutting-edge AI research to help our customers stay ahead of the curve Covariant was founded on research that fundament...
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AI at its best: A closer look at the Covariant Brain
In the dynamic world of eCommerce fulfillment, where the number of SKUs seems endless and is ever-evolving, operational ...
The Research
Research focus: AI-powered trajectory optimization
Background of research at Covariant Covariant was founded on research that fundamentally changed the world of AI. Today...
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The Robot Brains Podcast: From OpenAI to developing the first foundation models for robotics
Following Rocky's Journey Fascinated by the remarkable speed at which humans learn, Rocky Duan began his AI research j...
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