With holiday rush season, both brick-and-mortar and online retailers look ahead to the next year. In addition, business-to-business supply chains can also benefit from digitization and robotics.

In this free webcast, the panelists will discuss the key considerations in adopting or adding hardware and software automation to existing operations. They include physical space constraints, the types of inventory, and the variability of throughput and returns.

Careful selection of enabling technologies, process understanding, and agile change management are essential to successful deployments for retailers big and small. The expert speakers in this Robotics 24/7 roundtable will discuss the following topics:

  • Storage density and rapid order fulfillment
  • Maximizing the value and retention of human associates with robots
  • Goods-to-person and person-to-goods picking systems
  • Automation to enable more reactive and resilient supply chains
  • Where automation alone isn’t sufficient
  • Software to orchestrate both robots and people

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