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Come shape the world with us

Across departments and roles, working at Covariant means solving new problems in new spaces, shaping how groundbreaking technology impacts the world. We’re changing the way work gets done, and that starts with how we work together.

Our values

Breaking new ground, together

We pursue important real-world opportunities at massive scale. Our team members are really good at what they do – but the key to making the impossible possible is the way we work as a cohesive team. Whether we’re brainstorming a novel approach or sharing the joy of hitting a milestone, we’re in it together.

"There are only a few places in the world where you dream up new technology that can add true value, and then build it with some of the smartest people on the planet. I’m constantly surprised by how routine that deep innovation seems here every day."

Akash Shah Product Manager

Striving for empathy

We strive to understand and engage those around us, whether we’re eating lunch together at the communal table, touring a customer warehouse, or resolving a bug with a partner. We believe that discussion, debate, and diverse opinions lead to better outcomes, so we encourage everyone to speak up. Every voice matters to us.

"I was a bit nervous about working in tech for the first time, but leadership is intentional about making work a safe space for all, and colleagues uphold those values as well."

Elisa Massenzio Lead Designer

Learning constantly

Solving problems that have no textbook answer is what we do every day, from cracking a scientific challenge to architecting novel infrastructure or structuring a complex commercial agreement. We learn with an open aperture, constantly testing our hypotheses and pushing for new insights.

"I love venturing outside my comfort zone and doing dynamic work that makes me grow a little bit or – a lot – every day."

Vaijayanthi Jagannathan People Operations