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Our mission is to build the Covariant Brain, a universal AI to give robots the ability to see, reason and act on the world around them. Bringing AI from research in the lab to the infinite variability and constant change of our customer’s real-world operations requires new ideas, approaches and techniques.

Success in the real world requires a team that represents that world: diversity of backgrounds, points of view, and experiences. Our common denominator: ambitious expectations, love of learning, empathy for those around us, and a team-first mindset.


Learning constantly

Striving for empathy

Taking on the impossible, together

Solving problems that have no textbook answer is what we do everyday, from cracking a mathematical challenge to architecting a novel infrastructure system or structuring a complex commercial agreement. We learn with an open aperture, constantly testing our hypothesis and pushing for new insights.

We strive to understand and engage those around us, whether we’re eating lunch together at the communal table, touring a customer warehouse or resolving a bug with a partner. We believe that discussion, debate, and diverse opinions lead to better outcomes, so we encourage everyone to speak up. Every voice matters to us.

We pursue important real-world opportunities at massive scale. The key to making the impossible possible: we tackle it as a team. Whether we’re learning from a setback, brainstorming a novel approach or sharing the joy of hitting a milestone, we’re in it together.

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